Cherry Harvest

Picking up an empty tank  

Shaking the cherries - Here is one of our cherry shakers it goes up to the tree and has a clamp that will hang on to the tree and shake it.   

Shaking the cherries - Here the shaker has the has the wings out and is shaking the cherry off the tree it takes around one or two minutes to get the cherries off the the tree. 

Out on the cooling pad - 
This is the cooling pad where the cherries   
are brought after being loaded up on the   
truck from the orchard.  Here is where the leaves are removed and where there cherries are cooled down.  

Cherries going though the plant - The cherries are being dumped into a tank.  
There is a belt that will take them out of the   
tank and move them though the destemmer   
and the eliminator than they are brought into   
cherry factory.  

Cherry pitters - Then the cherries go though the pitters and than they go thought the   
sorters.  then they make it to the belt   
where they are sorted out than. 

We also have pick your tart cherries, in July and August.  It all depends on if the cherry  
season is early or later it best to give a call to see when the cherries will be ready.  
The pick your own is picked in our orchards behind the store.  
We also have Bing Cherries and Tart cherries already picked for sale in the store when they  
are in season.  

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